The history of Neuman's Ferry

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The M/V Messenger
The "Messenger" - Circa 1921
Neuman's Kelleys Island Ferry was founded in 1907 by John Paul Neuman with the purchase of his first boat, the 43 foot M/V Alton on which he transported people between Lakeside, Ohio and East Harbor State Park. During the spring and fall, he offered some island service, fishing, party-type service and towed scows. Eventually J.P. started building his own boats. The last two boats he personally built were the M/V Messenger in 1921, and the M/V Mascot in 1925. These two boats serviced the company until the late 40's and 50's, when the company expanded by offering service to Kelleys Island from Marblehead OH. The newly designed, open-ended ferry, the M/V Corsair proved to be so popular two additional ferries, the M/V Commuter and M/V Kelley Islander were added.

The Mascot - Circa 1925
The "Mascot" - Circa 1925
In 1986, the M/V Corsair was sold to make room for the new M/V Endeavor. In 1994, again expanding, they added the 588 passenger cruise ship the M/V Emerald Empress which offered island hopping and dinner cruises. This ship cruised through the 1998 season before discontinuing service. The current fleet consists of three boats. The M/V Commuter, the M/V Kelley Islander and the M/V Endeavor are Blount-built passenger and auto ferries that sail between Marblehead, Ohio and Kelleys Island.

Neuman's Kelleys Island Ferry
Foot of Frances Street
Marblehead, Ohio 43440


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